What is it all about?

There was this story of a man who wanted to ask God a great plentitude of questions about how to live a life. God didn’t answer, so the man wrote down all of his questions and tried to find answers on his own. He succeeded in the end and even managed to turn his notes into a bestseller – a book in which he claimed that he actually conversed with God… But I will be honest.

Often I feel exactly like this man, sometimes it seems I have no understanding of life at all. I have so many questions and there is nobody to help me out. My parents never had enough time for my upbringing as they always had to earn money to survive. My friends, however successful, usually do not have enough experience to give meaningful advice, others tend to say something very generic like “don’t give up” which I appreciate, but it isn’t really helpful.

At the same time, it feels like other people (not everyone, but perhaps most) have received some kind of manual for this life, while I haven’t. And oh no, please do not mention the Bible. I am rather religious person, I used to attend church a lot, and what I have learned well is that the Bible tells you how to behave properly. It doesn’t teach you to achieve success, to deal with everyday problems or even to understand your own self. It teaches how to build relationship with God, but it tells almost naught of relationships with people. It tells you to love your wife, but it doesn’t tell you how to save your marriage. I do not say Bible is a bad book, I just say it doesn’t answer all the questions.

My opinion of secular education is not much higher. Just think about it. We spend 10-15 years studying botanics and trigonometry and a lot of other stuff that most people will never ever need in their lives. We litter our brains and waste our time with the unnecessary, but we get little to none of the stuff that we all really need. How to choose your path in life? How to deal with stress? How to make girls love you? How to be creative? How to start a business? How to successfully apply for a job? What taxes do we have to pay? Perhaps in some countries some of these points are covered by the school program, but it seems, it’s not always that way. In my country of origin school does extremely little to prepare you for the real life. And people still have to pay taxes to support this tremendously outdated system.

And after all society leaves the answers to these important questions to a multitude of “experts”, gurus and motivational speakers. Many of them are as useless and superficial as their slogans are. These charlatans earn money giving an emotional discharge to those who rather need a careful guidance.

So that’s why I’m starting this blog – to find my own answers in the world where useful advice is scarce. This is the blog for everyone who feels alike and for nobody at the same time. Unlike all those motivational speakers I realize that my answers might be working only for me and my specific case.

So, what am I going to write about?

1st. The questions – and answers. I will show them as they are in progress, but only with enough experience to make any decent conclusion.

2nd. Advice based on books. These reviews will give short critical analysis of the main and most valuable ideas in all sorts of books on how to live a life.

3rd. Laws of life. A bit of philosophical search for the limited usefulness of those principles we’ve been taught by “the great ones”.

4th. Anger and Angst. Yes, I will write about things that make me mad, the things I do not understand. There will be nothing constructive here.

I hope that one day I will become the author of a school program that will teach kids this valuable necessary skill of living your life.